The Great Of History Of Silver

The life of king and the dynasty.

Back in the ancient time. King rules the different countries. Men always start war to get what they want. Throughout the history of mankind, war has destroyed many homes, killed billions of men.

One of the things that men always want is gold and silver. They represent the wealth and power. Kings use these material to build their luxury kingdom and home. The trading of gold and silver became and major business since then.

From the raw material to making it to the end product, it is a good business and people love it. Since the old time, there are been a big business about 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry wholesale.

People buy and sell golds and silver due to the high demand. Wars have started to fight for these. Women love jewelry and men love women. It is a endless war of fighting for what they want. At the end, lives were lost, home were destroyed.

How about peace? No, the peace does not exist.

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Washington DC Criminal Lawyer

Washington DC Criminal Lawyer

DC Criminal Lawyer

So, you’re in trouble with the law again…

But this time around – the problem doesn’t seem so serious. You aren’t sure if you’ll even need a DC criminal lawyer.

That’s okay. I understand your hesitation. Hiring a lawyer can be very expensive at times. So it makes sense that you would question whether or not a lawyer is needed.

Here’s the reality of your situation…

… If you know you’ve committed a crime, and it’s only a matter of time before you are arrested… Then you need to contact a lawyer at once.

You are protected by attorney-client privilege. So anything you tell the lawyer is safe and secure.


You need to talk to the lawyer… And you need to do it right away… Because a lawyer is the only person that can provide you with real legal advice. You need help with your situation. So do the right thing and contact a DC criminal lawyer as soon as you can.

They will advise you about the best way you should precede with your case.


Let’s take a look at a potential scenario that you might be facing…

You had an idea to make easy money. So you went on the Internet and started a pyramid scheme.

Everything went very well for a while. You made a lot of money for yourself, and you set up the scheme so that a lot of the first people involved were also able to make money. Somehow, you hid the scam from everyone. Nobody caught on to the fact that you beat them out of money that you didn’t deserve.

Eventually, your scheme reached a tipping point and the people that you involved in your scam realized the “business opportunity” that you shared with them was nothing more than a fraudulent set up.

You know that they are about to contact the authorities to not only put you out of business, but lock you up in jail.

What do you do? Where do you go? How do you handle the nightmare that you created?…

… The first thing you must immediately do is contact a criminal lawyer in Washington DC. They will advise you how you need to proceed with this matter.

You know you screwed up. You know you are about to get caught. You know it’s only a matter of time.

Are you going to wait until the authorities bust down your door?

If you let it reach that level, then things are not going to go as smoothly as they could. That’s one thing I can tell you for certain.


How Will the DC Criminal Lawyer Advise Me to Proceed in This Situation?

At this stage of the game, you have only been accused of a crime. There has not been any official charge filed against you. You are at a stage in the legal process known as pre-file.

In this specific situation, if you haven’t done so already – then you need to immediately contact a DC criminal lawyer. This is the ideal time to get help and advice from a criminal lawyer that’s been down this road with many of his or her past clients.

If you are dealing with a smart criminal defense attorney – and I really hope you are – they will advise you to do certain things that make the most sense to your situation. They will also take the right steps to protect you every step of the way. Plus, they will use their influence to make sure the criminal proceedings go in your favor. They will even try to prevent criminal charges from being filed against you. It won’t always be possible. But a good DC criminal lawyer will try his or her best to protect a client from criminal charges at all costs.


What Happens If I Am Arrested for the Crime That I Committed?

There are a few things that will happen once you are arrested and brought down to the police station. Some of the things that will take place are:

  • The police will gather up all of your personal belongings and hold onto them
  • they will take all of your fingerprints
  • they will take a photo of you
  • they will book you into the system

Depending on the DC criminal lawyer you hire, if you do not want news of your arrest to get out – then the criminal lawyer can try to have your arrest record sealed. Ask about this with your lawyer and see if they can work on the problem for you. A good lawyer will certainly try hard to make it happen.


Should I Talk to the Police after I Am Arrested?

Did you pay close attention to the Miranda warning that you heard when you were first arrested?

If not, then I need you to pay close attention…

The Miranda warning tells you two very important things that you need to keep in the back of your mind.


1. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you to support the case of the prosecution.

Listen to that again…

You have the right to remain silent!

If you talk to the police, what you tell them will be used against you in court.


Never forget it.

2. You have the right to an attorney.

When you are questioned by the police, it’s important to assert your Miranda rights and tell them that you will not answer any questions unless your DC criminal lawyer is present.

Your lawyer will advise you. He or she will tell you what is okay to say, and what’s not okay to say. Pay attention to this even if you have been through the system 1000 times. It’s easy to make mistakes. But lawyers do this for a living, so they will not make any mistakes on your behalf.


What Happens If I Have To Appear in Court for the First Time?

The first appearance in court is called an arraignment.

First, the court will formally notify you of all charges filed against you. Your lawyer will then receive a copy of the complaint, and he or she will also receive all the documents and police reports that are related to your case. This is called the discovery process.

You are either going to enter a plea of not guilty, or your plea will be guilty and you will confess to your crime.

If you lose your case, then you may spend time in jail. You might receive a fine that you have to pay. Your career might be ruined and your reputation damaged.


Contact a DC criminal lawyer before things go this far. This is my advice to you.

Also check out the American Bar Association for more information on lawyers.


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